MLA Team
Photo Credit : Seah Kwang Peng (ST Photo)

Our History

Marine Life Aquaculture Pte Ltd (“MLA”) was established on 27 April 2009.  It was founded by Mr Frank Tan Chee Boon (Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director).  In the beginning, the company’s business focus was alike other farms around Singapore operating on floating “Kelong” (coastal floating platform with hanging nets built predominantly with wooden structure and buoyant by sealed plastic drums), with the induction of fish fry brought from Malaysia and growing them to market size for sales to domestic fishery ports.

As the scaling progressed, two professional fish farming veterans joined the company and contributed significantly to the scientific fundamental of the Company and led MLA to be one of the biggest upstream integrated marine food fish producing farm in Singapore.

Mr Tan Kay Heok, our Technical Director has over 42 years of experience in marine food fish and shrimp farming. Mr Leong A Shin, our Cage Grow-out Manager has over 25 years of experience in Seacage Operation and fish progragation.

Our Farms

MLA’s current Land Area of 60,629sqm (About 6.06 hectare) at No.1 Pulau Ketam represents about 19.3% of total Land Based fish farm in Singapore (AVA source: total fish farm land in Singapore 34.2 hectare). Integrating with the land base are two Coastal Netcage floating fish farms off P. Ketam.

MLA's land based operations on Pulau Ketam operate under a sustainable model of self-sufficient freshwater treatment, fish culture using seawater treatment plant, affluent control and generator power supply to support Hatchery, Nursery and Pre Grow-out sections.

Our Team

  • Frank Tan Managing Director

    Frank Tan Chee Boon

    Managing Director / Chief Operating Officer

    As the founder and COO, Frank sets the strategic direction and development plans for MLA. In addition to overseeing daily operations, Frank has been hands-on and instrumental for each stage of MLA’s development.

  • Tan Kay Heok - Technical Director

    Tan Kay Heok

    Technical Director

    As head of MLA Land Based Division, he is in-charge of Hatchery, Weaning, Nursery, Pre-Grow up and trial on latest technology of high density culturing by recirculation system

  • Lucas Tan - General Manager

    Lucas Tan

    General Manager

    Although new to aquaculture, Lucas brings with him a wealth of experience in engineering design. This expertise can be utilised to improve productivity through enhancing aquaculture system design, automation of farming and introducing new technologies into the company.

  • Leong A Shin - Manager Costal Farm

    Leong A Shin "Ah San"

    Manager, Coastal Farm

    His expertise includes grow-up stock husbandry, Broodstock management including obtaining fish eggs. He is a veteran in fish farming and has been in this trade almost all his life, he started his fisherman life after migrating to Singapore during the Vietnam war and in 1990’s pioneering the open-water fish breeding programme under PPD supervision.

  • Jeffrey Teo

    Jeffrey Teo

    Operations Executive

    Jeffrey manages Coastal Farm and Nursery operations.

  • Edmund Tan

    Edmund Tan

    Aquaculture Specialist, Nursery

    Edmund manages production within the Nursery and ensures quality fingerlings for the coastal cages.

  • Delwyn Goh

    Delwyn Goh

    Aquaculture Specialist, Coastal Farm

    Delwyn manages production on the Coastal Farm and ensures quality fish for the market.