Seabass Brooder
Seabass Brooder (Frank Tan and Tan Kay Heok)
Sorting Fingerlings
Batch Sorting of Seabass fingerlings (approx. 3 inches)
Close up of fingerlings
Seabass fingerlings sedated to ease sorting them into difference sizes
Seabass on hand
Palm size Seabass being transported to netcages.

Fourfinger Threadfin

MLA's Asian Seabass culture programme has a fast growing strain. Our Seabass is current F2 generation and our fingerling is vaccinated specific pathogen free. Through many years of culturing, we manage to product a diease-free strain of Asian Seabass.

Our culture programme uses quality and highly nutritious formulated feed supplied by a HACCP accredited feed meal plant that results in the highest quality in taste, Omega 3 levels and texture.